We Love You All (advance single)

by A Halo Called Fred

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A newer mix of this track appears on We Love You All.

We all know if there's one thing geeks hate, it's other types of geeks...

But the geek-on-geek violence must stop now! Let us all sing along with this anthem to geek unity!


It doesn’t matter if you think Edward Cullen beats Gandalf in a fight
It doesn’t matter if the gears on your goggles rotate left or right
Doesn’t matter if you dress like a zombie with the blood, and the guts, and the grunts
Or you just wear a plastic Halloween costume with Aquaman’s picture on the front

Because I envision a world
Where the gamer and the fanboy can stroll in the sand
And I envision a world
Where the rennie pets the furry with her silken gloved hand
So all you mudbloods that we’ve feared
All you mustachios and beardos
All you freaky mutant weirdos, heed our call

We love you all

All those ears torn off in the in the trekkie vs trekker wars? Both sides were the losers
Don’t forget those poor elf clerics forced to be fighter-magic users
Someone says seeing Greedo shoot first gives them goose-bumps?
Loves those pretty multi-colored Daleks with the big humps?
Don’t be a jerk, don’t take their geek card
Love and embrace them. It really isn’t that hard!

I envision a world
Where the fairy and the superhero skip through the skies
And I envision a world
Where the pirate and the supervillain patch each others eyes
So all you crazy nerd correctors
Coders, scripters, evil spectres
Creepy folks and and earth’s protectors, sound the call

We love you all

All those we’ve punched or those we’ve kissed, Or those we’ve left off of our list
If you’re plain or fancy, gay or straight, get freaky or can’t get a date
Every color, shape and size, opacity, texture, toughness taste, tenacity,
Style substance, sheer audacity, we love that about you. It’s how it has to be

The child is father to the man
So let's each of us embrace our innermost kid
The meek shall inherit the earth
But look around -- I think that we did
So those we’ve wronged and those we’ve slighted
Let’s not be a world divided
Sing it loud don’t try to fight it, Stand up tall!

We Love You all!


released October 19, 2012
Players: Geverend, Brushwood, Tiny, Queenie
Engineered & Mastered by Anthony Kroposky at Fish On Fire Recordings



all rights reserved